News from the City of Oviedo –

We are asked to warn our residents of the increase in car break ins and vandalism, etc.  This has been attributed, in part, to bored teenagers, but the Police have been catching a criminal element that comes from other parts of Orlando which find Oviedo a desirable target.  Residents are to be warned to not leave valuables or interesting items in the vehicles, make sure car doors are locked and to not leave garage doors open for long periods of time.  There have been more than a few incidents of cars circling the streets to scope out open garage doors resulting in ‘snatch and run’ thefts.  Any incident, no matter how small, whether items or stolen or not, should be reported to Oviedo Police so they know where to increase patrols of either marked or unmarked police cars.

Finally, we have been asked to inform our residents that vehicles parked in driveways which encroach or block the sidewalks are subject to $40.00 fines.  Oviedo Police and their Community On Patrol vehicles are placing one-time warnings on vehicle windshields but repeat offenders will be fined each and every time their vehicles violate this code.